Guide to Remsen Village

Scenes from Remsen Village
ADIX F7 1500 RemsenNY 10-2-1999djADIX Easter Bunny ExpressWater Over the DamAnother beautiful stained glass window. 😍Stained Glass windows in the Remsen church that houses the quilt show. I was too mesmerized by the windows to take any pictures of the quilts! Someday, someone should base a quilt off the design of these windows!Annual pic of the Welsh dragon (Remsen was founded by Welsh settlers. I feel a sense of camaraderie since I have some Welsh heritage)I went to the Remsen Barn Festival this weekend with my mom and grandma (as a shopper, not a vendor). This adorable 3 year old daughter of one of the craft vendors was selling pumpkins that she had painted herself. They were $1, so of course my sweet gran