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Introducing New York

A forest of chiseled stone above ground, a labyrinth below, an island where all walks of life converge to find whiffs of Coco Chanel and eau de street breezing past—this is New York, the Big Apple, a city that's both abrasive and beautiful. Found in countless nightclubs, legendary neighborhoods and in the brazen tone and rich accent of every New Yorker, the personality of Gotham is unlike any other. Though often associated with its world-renowned sights, New York is so much more than Broadway, Times Square and the Empire State Building; it's the place to begin a love affair with sidewalk cafes and hot sandwiches from family owned delis, with brutally cold winters and mercilessly hot summers, with oddly scented subways, swanky lounges and impromptu performances on Grand Central platforms, with miscreant kids who spend winter weeks behind snow fort walls throwing snowballs at cops and people wearing expensive suits. New York is intoxicating; it's a sea of smells, a melting pot of cultures, an almost illusory place that never sleeps, only pauses between the last martini and opening of the stock market.


Poetic Romance 4

at Nuyorican Poets Cafe


at Brooklyn Bowl

When Swedish doom/stoner outfit NORRSKEN split up in 2000 it gave birth to two new bands. While one remaining member founded WITCHCRAFT, the rest of t…



at Brooklyn Bowl

Using the revolutionary blueprint of afrobeat as a launching pad, the dozen-strong members of Antibalas weave a rich tapestry of latin, jazz, classica…

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